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Mar 28, 2012 8:00pm EDT
to yield two minutes to the member from indiana, a member of the budget committee,. >> our brave men and women continue to serve in harm's way overseas, this nation's in trouble. young ying i wonder, which of the -- mr. young: i wonder, which of the following choices would americans choose if they had to pick one? would it be a, an across-the-board income tax increase? would it be b, a new tax increase on gas, electricity and natural gas? would it be c, a cut in funding for our soldiers to levels that the pentagon warns is dangerous to our national security? now i suspect, mr. speaker, that the american people have given the choice. they'd prefer to have an option d. none of the above. but unfortunately they're not given this choice in the progressive caucus budget. it forces instead all three options on the american public that is already struggling. it raises taxes and every income tax bracket to the tune of $4.4 trillion. it raises the price at the pump and on utility bills ever higher by creating a new tax on all fossil fuel-based energy sources. it makes no attempt to offset the
Mar 2, 2012 1:00am EST
. the union army's failure in indiana. then, a look at over 200,000 books of the john smith nobel collection housed at the lsu shreveport archives. then, a walking tour of shreveport with neil johnson. on the american history tv sunday at 5:00 p.m. eastern, a look at the role of the based on 9/11 and the history of the b-52 bomber. also, visit the founding fathers autograph collection. from the pioneer heritage center, medical treatment and medicine during the civil war. shreveport, louisiana -- this weekend on c-span2 and c-span3. >> the senate blocked a move to allow employers to opt out of health coverage. senate leaders to talk about the proposal for 15 minutes. >> today, the senate will vote on an extreme ideological amend. women's access to health care. it would allow any employer or insurer to deny coverage for virtually any treatment for virtually any reason. i repeat, it will allow any employer or insurer to deny coverage for virtually any treatment for virtually any reason. i was pleased to hear that senator snowe intends to oppose this measure. i read that last night. although the
Mar 6, 2012 8:00pm EST
to his supporters. let's talk to our next caller, who is chris in indiana, a supporter of ron paul. caller: hi, there. host: hi, c.e.o.'s, we can hear you. caller: i'm calling to say that i think cnn has paid a pairedy of the campaign. host: how does the year play out? caller: excuse me? host: how does the year play out? caller: i think there will be a lot of ron paul write-ins and ultimately obama is going to win the election again, because the g.o.p. cannot get behind him. host: tell me why you think -- you're complaining about the media not supporting him, but what about the rest of the party, the republican party? caller: that's what, to me, is a shame. the rest of the party can't get behind him, because they depend on you, the media, to get the word out there, and you guys are simply not telling the truth or not giving him the support that he deserves. host: you would include c-span in that critique? caller: absolutely. all night i've been watching the polls, and when the poll numbers are he can presented,ths only three being shown at the bottom of the screen on the ticker. ro
Mar 20, 2012 8:00pm EDT
. primaries in connecticut, delaware, new york, and rhode island. then may 8, indiana, north carolina, and west virginia. in mid-may, nebraska and oregon. it will wrap up in june with california. david is on the phone, a supporter of newt gingrich. good evening. >> i will vote for which ever republican rises to the top. i would hope it would begin with. i know he is a smart guy. i think we need a smart guy in the white house. he did not become speaker of the house by accident. he is a courageous individual. he is not the prettiest candidate. we need the smartest guy in the white house for our economy and for foreign policy. there is something good to say about all of them. that is my view on pingree. >> thank you. speeches by rick santorum and mitt romney available on our website. all of our campaign coverage. palm springs, california, a supporter of ron paul. >> i do not understand why people do not vote for ron paul. he has the best thing going on for him right now. >> thank you for the call. next is ricardo from new york city. >> thank you for accepting my call. i want to make sure
Mar 8, 2012 8:00pm EST
it comes from mitt romney or anyone else. host: indiana. nathan, a republican. good morning. caller: i am wondering if your guest might be concerned about mr. santorum being involved with the jerry sandusky group from penn state. if he does get the job, will this be exploited? guest: i have not heard anything about this. host: where are you getting this information? guest: my mother is involved. he was very involved with the jerry sandusky group. host: what is the group? caller: the group that was molesting children. host: let's leave it there. anne, you're on with fred barnes. caller: i have a personal concern that bothers me. one of my family members is supporting republicans purely on the abortion issue. he is a christian, and so is his wife. i wonder how much debt affects the partisanship in the united states, and that affects the partnership in the united states. i wonder if the republican party is using them. then you have rick santorum, who wants to impose christian the years. christian views they believe are ultimate. i want to see what your thoughts are about that. guest: i am a
Mar 29, 2012 8:00pm EDT
., and ryland. and then in this on to indiana, north carolina, and west virginia. nebraska and oregon in the middle of the month, and then arkansas and kentucky. for more information, go to c- >> next, republican presidential candidates newt gingrich speaks at georgetown university. the former house speaker was criticized at this event over his proposal to have inner-city children work as janitors. he also talked about the need to restrain the power of the judiciary. >> thank you for that introduction. and kevin, thank you for developing nationwide our project, which any of you interested ken joined by going to which is an effort to pull students across the country together for a choice for a social security account. i will talk about that in a moment. there are two principles the lead me to decide to run for president, and it has been an interesting process to try to communicate them, and frankly, onmuch more difficult than i imagined. what is values and the other is economics. i was drawn back in to run partially by the 2002 ninth circuit cou
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6